SnapLock Smart Lock Screen


A practical and elegant lock screen for your device




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SnapLock Smart Lock Screen is a smart lock application that turns your device into an efficient manager for all the shortcuts to your favorite applications. It also applies nice wallpapers to your home screen.

This app features loads of different options for your lock screen, although to keep it activated you have to tick the Start Snap Lock option. Once it's installed and working, you can change the default appearance by downloading any picture you like. When you're satisfied with the background image, you can start adding all the interesting features the app offers.

For starters, you can manage all the information you see on it – from the date and time style to the battery charge and status – and even add the classic notification that pops up whenever you plug the device to a power source.

After you set up these options, you can move on to the more complicated preferences. You can create five shortcuts to the apps you use most, so you can access them without having to unlock your device. And if you want to, you can also add an extra password or pattern to protect your device from unwanted meddling.
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